Hurtigruten to become more environmentally friendly

We sail in fragile waters , our guests see the change in climate and the melting that is happening in the Arctic and Antarctica . Polar regions heat up twice as fast as the rest of the globe . We want to take responsibility by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as we can, says CEO of Hurtigruten, Daniel Skjeldam, to Norwegian newspaper VG
Published Dec 2 2015 — by Maritime Battery Forum

Hurtigruten has signed an agreement with Bellona to help them reach the goal of becoming more environmentally friendly. I dream of having battery-hybrid ship engines, that can run on algae-fuel, and that is replaced by pure battery power when sailing in and out of harbors, or along the ice edge in the vulnerable polar areas . We are talking about the next generation of ships, when the current fleet will be replaced sometime in the future, says Skjeldam

Hurtigruten has ordered a major remodeling of several of its ships at Fosen Yard. Skjeldam say they investigated the possibility of building the newest, MS Spitsbergen into hybrid , but it was not technically feasible.


Photo credit:Hurtigruten ASA

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