Saft marine battery modules receive highest level safety approval

Battery designer and manufacturer, Saft, has just received the highest level of safety approval for its new Seanergy® range of Li-ion Super-Iron Phosphate® (SLFP) battery modules. The modules are developed specifically for civil marine propulsion applications such as work boats, ferries, offshore support, cruise-liners and cargo ships.
Published Jan 23 2015 — by Maritime Battery Forum

January 21st French battery manufacturer released a press statement announcing the approval of their Seanergy®  marine lithium-ion modules. Bureau Veritas delivered the highest quality assessment for the Seanergy® modules according to the applicable marine standards and specifications. This certification demonstrates that the Seanergy® design conforms to recognised industry quality standards and/or the certification rules, through a process of independent design review, sample testing and verification of production controls.

“This certification is effectively mandatory for the use of Li-ion batteries in the marine industry and it is important step in the commercialization of our Seanergy® solution.” says Didier Jouffroy, Saft’s Marine Products and Applications Manager.

Find the full press release here.

Photo credit: Saft 

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