Ærø ferries in Denmark will soon become fully battery powered

The demonstration project, partially funded through Horizon 2020, is part of the Danes' Green Ferry Vision to renew the Danish ferry fleet.
Published Sep 8 2015 — by Maritime Battery Forum

The ferry will be built at Søby Verft and will be in service between Søby and Ærø - a 20 kilometre long stretch. The storage system will have a capacity of 4.2 MWh - the largest installation on any vessel to date. In comparison, the distance between Lavik and Oppedal in Norway is approximately 6 kilometres and the installed capacity on the fully electric ferry Ampere is 1 MWh. 

The ferries servicing the ferry line today can transport up to 250 passengers and 40 cars. The speed of the ferries is 10 to 11 knots. 

Read more about the project here

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