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Battery to be installed on Viking Queen

Eidesvik has announced that they are installing battery technology on their PSV Viking Queen.
Published May 5 2015 — by Maritime Battery Forum

Eidesvik have entered into an agreement for installation of Energy Storage System (Battery solution) onboard the vessel Viking Queen. This will be the first offshore vessel to get such system installed as a retrofit solution. This is thus a milestone for environmental focused activity offshore, and shows that it is possible to achieve significant reduction in emissions also for existing vessels. The agreement is made possible through targeted cooperation between Lundin Norway AS who has the vessel on hire, ZEM AS, as supplier of the system, and Eidesvik AS.

Commercialization of this ground-breaking technology is now possible much because of Eidesvik participation in the R&D project FellowSHIP, where the partners have worked with battery technology for 5 years. The energy storage system will have a capacity of 650kWH and can supply up to 1600kW. The solution gives a fuel saving of approx. 18% for the vessel. Further, NOx and Greenhouse Gas (CO2e) emission levels will be reduced with approx. 25%. Once again Eidesvik manifests the position as a leading powerhouse in commitment to environmentally friendly ship solutions. 

In addition to the agreement for energy storage system, Lundin Norway AS and Eidesvik have agreed an extension of contract announced 23.01.2014.

“We are very happy now to further develop the cooperation with Lundin Norway AS. A company that once again is willing to commit to solutions that are more environmentally friendly. In a time where our line of business are facing significant challenges, we are also happy to see that together we are able to find solutions giving cost reductions and profitability to all parties involved, and also significant environmental gains” says CEO of Eidesvik, Jan Fredrik Meling, comments.

“To ZEM this contract for delivery of high-efficiency battery system for Viking Queen represents a breakthrough. ZEM has through several years of research, development and advisory work built comprehensive competence on battery systems. Therefore we are now able to deliver competitive solutionsto the maritime industry. We are proud that a leading offshore company as Eidesvik have chosen us”, CTO of ZEM, Egil Mollestad says.

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