Beffen back to its roots

The small ferry in the city centre of Bergen has once again become electric.
Published Jan 29 2015 — by Maritime Battery Forum

The ferry has been part of the city's soul for the past 100 years and has 60,000 travellers per year. Beffen is short for Bergen Electric Ferry Company, since the original ferries that were launched in 1894 were electric. Later, diesel ferries replaced the electric ferries, until January 2015 when a new electric ferry was launched. 

Design and development has been performed by Marcontrol AS, Staubo Elektro Maskin/Mastervolt and Ove Norman. The installation was performed by Eikefjord Elektro AS.

The ferry can transport 20 passengers and is the first zero emission vessel to get a ship passenger certificate in Norway.

The ferry will make 70 trips per day and is designed to fully charge during the night and run all day without charging. 

Technical specifications:

- 2 x Mastervolt electric pods (Masterpod PRO 10kW)

- Voltage 48V

- 12 x Mastervolt 5 kWh li-ion battery packs in three banks of 20 kWh placed in different safety zones with cooling

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