Corvus push batteries to their limit

Corvus has conducted testing by deliberately bypassing all built-in safety systems and inducing thermal runaway in a battery module. Norwegian and Danish regulatory authorities and customers were invited to overlook the testing.
Published Sep 2 2015 — by Maritime Battery Forum

The Norwegian Maritim Authorities have called a meeting this week for a review of the results from the testing. The full report from the Swedish testing lab is expected to be delivered in a months time.

From the Corvus press release about the testing:

Testing of Corvus battery technology was conducted over a three week period at the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in the city of Borås. The tests were conducted with a multiple-battery pack consisting of seven 6.5 kWh Corvus AT6500 lithium polymer battery modules. Testing showed that when a thermal runaway event is initiated, the event is confined to a single 6.5 kWh module, even under worst case conditions. Testing also demonstrated that an external fire does not cause dangerous temperatures in the battery system with Corvus’ proprietary design. Representatives from all parts of the marine industry were invited to view the final two days of testing including ship owners, energy and propulsion system integrators, ship builders, Class societies and maritime authorities. Creating the conditions for thermal runaway involved significant efforts including: bypassing of safety features, ignoring feedback data from the battery management system (BMS), pre-conditioning of the battery cells, and intentional misuse of the Corvus module. Corvus was congratulated by Class societies and maritime authorities in attendance for its transparent and collaborative approach to this important safety issue. Corvus is the only battery supplier to the commercial marine industry who has performed such testing. The results will inform future industry practices involving the installation of large scale battery systems on vessels and offshore rigs.

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