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Grenland Energy supplies batteries for cranes on Grieg owned ship

The project for shipowner Grieg Star is a very important breakthrough for Grenland Energy and joy is great in the company, say the four founders.
Published Jun 16 2015 — by Maritime Battery Forum

The four excited entrepreneurs in Grenland Energy have recently signed their first fully commercial agreement; supplying battery systems for cranes on ships. 

Along with the owner of Grenland Energy, Kongsberg Maritime, they have developed a system that stores the energy generated when the cranes on the ship offload cargo, and subsequently uses the energy in the uplift of loads. The system is parallel to EVs charging the battery when the vehicle brakes. Return energy is stored in batteries, and leads to reduced fuel consumption, reduced emissions and reduced maintenance costs.

Grieg Star will now install the battery system in one of its 10 L-class ships, with 1.15 million Norwegian kroner in support from Enova. If the project is successful, nine identical ships are to be fitted with the same system.


Two world records

Kongsberg Maritime acquired the technology company Grenland Energy in December 2014, this has led to results.  The agreement with Grieg Star set two new world records. -This will be the world's first major high-power battery pack installed in a ship and it is also the first time batteries is used as an energy buffer in connection with the operation of cranes on the ship.

Fuel savings and emissions reductions

In addition to reduced CO2 emissions, this technology could help to improve local air quality in ports by reducing emissions of SOx, NOx and particulates. Such a battery system will eliminate CO2 emissions equivalent to more than 100 cars, NOx emissions corresponding to 5000 diesel cars and soot particles equivalent to 7,000 diesel cars every year throughout the lifetime. A bonus is that crane operations are more efficient, so the time spent in port will be reduced.

The batteries consist of three cabinets that together weigh approximately 1.5 tons. The batteries have a capacity of 67 kWh, and when a load is lowered, a charging effect of 430 kW.

Photo credit: Grenland Energy

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