Hybrid ferries reduce fuel consumption more than expected

Currently, Caledonian MacBrayne operates two hybrid ferries, the MV Hallaig and the MV Lochinvar. The experiences with the two first ferries has proved the ferries to be a good investment. A third hybrid ferry is planned launched in spring 2016.
Published May 22 2015 — by Maritime Battery Forum

The hybridization of the ferries was expected to result in 20 per cent fuel reduction. Experience shows that the ferries save 38 per cent fuel. The ferries are plug in hybrid, meaning that the batteries are charged from a shore connection over night, this results in 28 per cent reduction, the remaining 10 per cent stems from the machinery running more efficiently, using the battery as a buffer. 

Imtech Marine has supplied the plug in hyhbrid propulsion system, including the batteries for the two first ferries and will be supplying the same for the third ferry.

The MV Hallaig was launched in December 2012, has operated on the Sconser-Raasay route since it entered service in October 2013.The MV Lochinvar was launched in May 2013 and currently operates on the Tarbert-Portavadie route.

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