Hybrid technology on fishing vessels: with great opportunity comes great responsibility

Shipyard, Selfa Arctic, is working to electrify the Norwegian coastal waters. In December 2014 the Norwegian Research Council (NRC) granted Selfa Arctic funds for a hybrid fishing vessel project. The total budget of the project is 15 million NOK, NCR will finance up to 50 % of the budget.
Published Jan 8 2015 — by Maritime Battery Forum

An enthusiastic email arrived from Erik Ianssen, CEO of Selfa Arctic, on December 15th 2014, giving us the good news. Over a three year period the Norwegian Research Council will partially fund further development of Selfa Arctic’s hybrid fishing vessel. The project is led by Selfa. Siemens, Sintef Nord and Rapp Hydema will also be participating in the project.

Selfa Arctic is honoured that they have been given funds to develop hybrid technology for fishing vessels, and are working to ensure that the project will result in a high quality solution. Erik describes the event as a great opportunity, and also a great responsibility .

Since 2008 Selfa Arctic has been developing a more environmentally friendly fishing vessel. In 2014 Selfa launched the new model, the 1099MAX. The model is an 11 meter long fishing vessel with a carbon hull and the ability to employ a hybrid propulsion system. The hybrid vessel will be just as capable as the traditional diesel vessels, but will have the benefits of less noise, vibrations and diesel fumes for the crew while they are working. The vessel is also expected to save fuel and maintenance costs compared to a traditional vessel, and will also have lower emissions to air. The first hybrid vessel will be delivered this winter. Measurements of energy demand of equipment and of propulsion will be done over a trial period of the boat. Data collection and further development of the concept will be done in collaboration between Selfa, the vessel owner, Siemens and Sintef, and is partially funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Photo credit: Selfa Arctic AS

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