Learning from land based projects

Statkraft launched construction works for a 3MW battery to be used at German power plant. The use of large scale battery installations on land creates synergies for the use of large battery packs on ships.
Published Aug 21 2015 — by Maritime Battery Forum

The project launches Statkraft’s journey into new decentralized storage technologies. Three battery containers of 1 megawatt (MW) are being installed at a run-of-river power plant in Dörverden, Germany. The aim of the pilot project is to deliver control reserve power to the German transmission grid.

The battery containers are installed during coming months and will be tested and put into operation by the end of 2015. Pre-qualification by transmission system operators (TSO) to provide balancing power will be completed at the same time.

Decentralization of power production by storing electricity from renewable energy sources is growing. Lithium-ion batteries have advantages that have made this technology first choice for decentralized storage systems.

See more at: http://www.statkraft.com/media/news/20151/launch-of-battery-project-in-germany/#sthash.Dw4RVXc0.dpuf

Egil Mollestad, chief technical officer at ZEM, says that maritime sector can benefit from large scale battery installations on land "The storage systems used by the power industry are well tested and the production of these systems lead to competetive prices. The use of the battery can be similar on land and on a vessel, therefore the land based systems provide a good base for a maritime applications" he explains.

Mollestad also points out that although there are synergies between the land based and maritime application, a battery pack designed for land based use can not be used in maritime without alterations to the design  " The requirements for maritime applications are different, and storage system design must be carried out carefully to meet these requirements." 

Dr. Lars Ole Valøen, chief technical officer at Grenland Energy agrees that there are both synergies and differences between the applications "The land based projects are interesting from a technological point-of-view. However, the safety and maintenance requirements for maritime applications are very different from land based projects. Therefore, maritime applications are more complicated and more expensive than the land based projects." Valøen explains.

Photo credit: Statkraft

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