Maritime Battery Forum ship register on AFi

The MBF ship register is now on the Alternative Fuels insight platform on Veracity by DNV GL.
Published Jan 8 2019 — by Maritime Battery Forum

The MBF ship register can now be found on the Alternative Fuels insight (AFi) platform on Veracity by DNV GL. With its 130 000 + users this is a formidable platform for marketing.

Access to the platform can be granted to anyone, simply create a free user. For full content a premium user account is required. Members in MBF get premium access to the battery data. If you are not a member and are interested in becoming one, please send us an email.

The ship register is based on input from the industry and from the news. If you are aware of projects that should be in the register, please let us now and we will make sure to include it.

The MBF ship register is the go to source for data on the commercial maritime fleet of ships with batteries installed.

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