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Maritime Battery Production in Norway

First, PBES announced their factory and are producing. Now Siemens will do the same. Trondheim becoming the Maritime Battery City?
Published May 4 2017 — by Maritime Battery Forum

The Battery Factory Plan B Energy Storage (PBES) in Trondheim, consisted in August 2016 of two people. A careful trial production began in May-June. Now there are 40 employees and PBES expects a turnover of 200 million NOK this year. Full article here (norwegian original here)

40 tonnes of batteries ready to ship(40 tonnes of batteries ready to ship from PBES factory in Trondheim. Picture from TU)

Siemens announced today that they will use Trondheim as their base for battery systems development. Full article here (norwegian only).

siemens multi maritim(Multi Maritime AS new vessel will use Siemens batteries and will be built at Kleven. Picture credit mynewsdesk)

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