MBF 2016 Conference a Success

The MBF 2016 Conference was a great success attracting participants from all over the World.
Published Oct 5 2016 — by Maritime Battery Forum

The Maritime Battery Forum 2016 Conference is over, and it is safe to say that this was the most spectacular conference of 2016. With an excellent program of speakers the attendees experienced a full package focusing on the topic of experience with real life applications, testing and regulations, also including a trip and tour of the Vision of the Fjords.


Participants at the conference were the first people to travel on board the Vision of the Fjords after she was announced to be Ship of the Year 2016 at SMM in Hamburg. The vessel took us for a trip through the scenic Nærøyfjord, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list for a good reason. After a quick introduction to the vessel the participants were also able to examine the battery room.


After the brainstorming session on day 2 it was clear that working towards government and working towards common ground between owners, operators and regulators were on the top of the agenda.


We would like to thank everyone who contributed during the conference, and we look very much forward to the next. Do you have any ideas for topics? Any suggestions for location? Please send an email to sondre.henningsgard(at)dnvgl.com.

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