Norway Launches Green Coastal Shipping Initiative

Political stakeholders and key players of Norwegian coastal shipping industry signed declaration of cooperation
Published Jan 20 2015 — by Maritime Battery Forum

Minister of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland and State Secretary for Climate and Environment Lars Andreas Lunde signed a declaration of cooperation with key players in the Norwegian coastal shipping industry. This declaration aims to ensure that Norway has the world's most environmentally friendly fleet of coastal vessels.

In the future, LNG and battery power are projected to comprise a considerable share of the fuel used by the global fleet. Norway already has a leading position in this field and has a good environmental and business starting point to more broadly implement these new technologies. DNV GL has now taken the initiative to launch a Green Coastal Shipping programme, a joint effort by industry and authorities to ensure that in the future Norway will have one of the world's most environmentally friendly and efficient coastal shipping industries.

"We can achieve this if we want to. There are many examples of incentives driving forward a green shift. The technology is there, but we have to scale up its use considerably in order to maintain our international position", says DNV GL's Deputy Group CEO Remi Eriksen.

Both the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and the Ministry of Climate and Environment are supporting these efforts.

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