Norwegian Coastal Administration orders hybrid vessel

The Norwegian Coastal Admministration ordered a hybrid multi purpose vessel in the end of December 2015. Rolls Royce will deliver the energy storage system and power system.
Published Jan 13 2016 — by Maritime Battery Forum

The vessel named OV Bøkfjord will have 3,5 megawatts of power installed, whereof the battery can deliver 850 kilowatts. The batteries will be used to optimize the load of the gen sets and also be used when the ship is in port to reduce emissions close to populated areas and noise when the crew is at sleep. The system will also be compatible with using shore power. 

The extra cost is 15 million NOK and the battery installation is expected to reduce fuel consumption by 25 %. The payback time is expected to be 10 years.

A sister vessel of Bøkfjord is also planned. Thhe procurement process of the vessel is expected to begin in February this year. The NCA is also considereing retrofitting two other vessels with battery-hybrid systems. 

Read more at TU.no.

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