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Norwegian parliament vote yes to green technology

Yesterday the Norwegian parliament voted for the propositioin that ferries and coastal traffic should run on low-emission and zero-emission technology.
Published Dec 2 2015 — by Maritime Battery Forum

During the presentation of the proposition it was also noted that 

- LNG does not not qualify as low-emission fuel

- development-contracts should be used for hydrogen ferries and other novel technology

-the NOx-fund should be prolonged 

There was a majority for the following propositions:

The list of propositions from the parliament to the government:

I evaluate how use of technology for reducing CO2 can be accelerated within ferry sector

II evaluate whether ferry contracts should be standardized

III evaluate whether neccessary to establish a financial support systems for county councils with respect to ferry services, and/or extend existing financial support schemes for zero emission technology

IV require lower levels of noise and NOx-emissions in purchasing of ferry services.

V make sure that development of novel technology within maritime sector is taken into the mandate for ENOVA (financial support scheme)

VI make suggestions for which measures can be taken to ensure the use of low and zero emission technology  in coastal shipping

VII make sure that public purchasing of ferry services start early, so that there is time to build new ferries using zero emission technology before the existing contract ends

VIII take measures to make sure low and zero emission technology is used in Norwegian counties

IX evaluate whether the 400 GT limit for exemption from duties on electricity should be lowered

Photo credit: Samferdselsfoto

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