Seaspan orders two battery hybrid LNG ferries

In November Seaspan announced that two dual fuelled ferries had been ordered. On Friday 20th Seaspan, Corvus and Elkon Electric announced the award of energy storage system (ESS) contract for both ferries.
Published Feb 23 2015 — by Maritime Battery Forum

The ferries will be built at the Turkish shipyard Sedef Shipbuilding and are designed by VARD Marine Inc.

Each vessel will use a 1050VDC and a 546kWh Energy Storage System (ESS). The energy storage systems consist of 84 Corvus Energy AT6500 advanced lithium polymer batteries.

The ESS will be integrated with Elkon Electrical propulsion and distribution system and will be powered by dual-fuel engines running on diesel and liquefied natural gas. The Corvus ESS will work as spinning reserve and power for responsive harbour manoeuvring.

The ferries are  148.9 meters long and accomodate up to 59 trailers. Construction is scheduled to start in the beginning of 2015 and be in operation by late 2016.  The ferries will operate a drop trailer-only route between Vancouver and Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

One of Seaspan’s Core Values is care for the environment and we are committed to ensuring the conservation of Canadian oceans and waterways,” said Steve Roth, Vice President, Seaspan Ferries Corporation. “These new, technologically advanced ferries will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions significantly compared to current alternatives while ensuring the highest level of efficiency, performance and reliability.”

"We are very pleased that Corvus' energy storage system was selected for these innovative vessels." Said Andrew Morden, President and CEO, Corvus Energy.

Credit: Seaspan

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