The Electric Lady

World’s first fully electric vessel is launched. The battery-powered ferry Ampere was christened by Norwegian minister of Trade and Industry at Fjellstrand yard October 23rd 2014. A crowded dock applauded as Trade Minister Monica Mæland managed to break the champagne bottle on the third try. The autumn rain did not damper the audience’s excitement. It was even commented that the rain was welcome addition to the ceremony, filling up water magazines that will produce power for Ampere’s propulsion.
Published Dec 18 2014 — by Maritime Battery Forum

The 2012 Norwegian State budget included a proposalto attain the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient ferry in Norway. Ferry operator Norled participated in the bidding process, and Fjellstrand yard designed the vessel. Two years later, the world’s first fully electric ferry has become a reality. In operation, the ferry is a zero emission vessel, a traditional diesel ferry would emit 1500 tonnes of CO2 and 40 tonnes of NOx per year. The ferry will be operating between Lavik and Oppedal, crossing the Sognefjord.

Ampere is one of three ferries operated by Norled between Lavik and Oppedal, starting January 2015.

- Ampere will run on electricity. The crossing takes 20 minutes and the ferry will be charged 10 minutes on each side of the fjord, while loading and offloading.

Ampere’s hull is made of aluminium and is 80 metres long and 20 metres wide. She can transport 120 cars and 360 passengers.

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