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Ship register reaches 300 vessel mark!

The MBF ship register now has more than 300 commercial vessels with batteries registered.
Published Feb 1 2019 — by Maritime Battery Forum

January 2019 the MBF ship register reached the 300-vessel milestone (sailing and on order). Uptake in the market has been formidable, and there is no reason for it to slow down.

By the end of 2019 more than 240 vessels will be sailing with batteries as part of the power pack. The market is still dominated by ferries and passenger vessels, with offshore vessels and various others following behind. Ropax vessels and fishing are the two new segments that are showing great potential.

While still dominated by Northern Europe, and particularly Norway, other regions are showing more and more activity. Americas and Asia are both showing significant interest and projects are surely coming.

If you want to learn more about the maritime battery market you can join us at WATTS UP in Bergen 6-7 March. If you want the statistics, you can sign up to the ship register here.

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